Why work with a Maxwell DISC consultant?

DISC Personality Profile Assessment

The DISC Behavior Model was originally developed by Dr. William Marston in 1928. It is becoming more and more popular because of its power to change the atmosphere in an organization by providing employees the awareness and skills necessary to more effectively understand and communicate with one another.  With better communication comes higher productivity and need we say… with higher productivity comes higher profitability!

Through DISC we identify 4 basic personality types.  We then provide fun, interactive and in depth training to help individuals identify their go to behaviors, their strengths and their challenges.  We also discover ways to communicate with other personality types… and language to avoid when communicating with other personality types!

Behavior awareness has led to some of our most life changing testimonies to date!

Workshops for Adults or Kids 8 - 12

Half Day for Adults


  What You Can Expect To Learn…

  • How you can recognize patterns of behavior in yourself and others
  • The four primary DISC Styles
  • Key strategies to improve communication

Lunch and Learn Kids 8 - 12


What You Can Expect To Learn…

  • This is a non-fee based assessment for children 8 - 12 conducted in a group setting.
  • A preliminary DISC profile assessment for youth participants in The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative.